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About ERDOS Group

ERDOS, A World of Cashmere

We believe that life’s warmth can only be experienced through touch.

With both hands, sense the craftsman's intention –

The dedication to cashmere, and excellence of technology and craftmanship.

With both hands, touch the craftsman's ingenuity –
Deriving inspiration from life, and weaving it into the most delicate garments.

We tell a story with our hands, like a true craftsman.
We weave to bring warmth to everyone in the world.


Established in 1979, ERDOS Group is one of China’s top 100 private enterprises. After more than 30 years of sustained profitability and development, the Group has transformed significantly from its origins in cashmere processing. The ERDOS Group is now a diverse
modern industrial cooperation, involved in cashmere garment production, mineral resource development, comprehensive energy utilization and more.

The ERDOS C ashmere Group is a subsidiar y of the ERDOS Group and is the lead player in China's cashmere industry. The Group boasts the world's largest scale production, most complete industrial systems, most mature marketing network, and most advanced technology and equipment in the cashmere apparel industry. For over thirty years, the ERDOS Cashmere Group has consistently set new standards in the development of China’s cashmere industry. It was the first enterprise to carry out intensive cashmere processing, is at the forefront of the global cashmere industry, has government-approved quality, and was the first “Chinese Famous Trademark” recipient in the garment industry. All these achievements highlight the prestige the ERDOS Cashmere Group carries at the forefront of the Chinese garment industry. In 2017, the ERDOS brand was worth over 88 billion yuan, and it ranked first in China's textile and garment industry for the 21st consecutive year.